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EVOLON Ltd. has been active for over a decade in the marketing, development and manufacturing of products in the dental field.


EVOLON develops, manufactures and markets an innovative production system for cosmetic dentures, utilizing cutting-edge technologies for a result so natural, you’ll barely know the difference between reality and the EVOLON product.



                                                                                                         THAT  ARE  INVISIBLE,  IMPERCEPTIBLE  AND  UNBREAKABLE.


    Better materials. Better results.


EVOLON's network of professional contacts, which has expanded to include thousands of customers – dental clinics and laboratories – has resulted in a profound understanding of customer needs and allowed the company to perform the field research that led to the development of the EVOLON system. The feedback received from users of the system, as well as users of competing systems, has already led to two rounds of improvements.


The third generation of the system, which was launched this year, enjoys technological superiority, high reliability and cost-effective using. Great effort has been invested in meeting stringent quality and safety standards.


The company benefits from its close relationship with nearby R&D incubation centers in Israel, where the best minds in the world are concentrated. These engineers and chemists, who are leaders in their field, assist EVOLON in product development and improvement.