COSMETIC DENTURES - THE NEW GENERATION



EVOLON is pleased to offer you the OPTIMAL SOLUTION in the field of dental prostheses.


At first glance, a system for producing prostheses is primarily a matter for dental laboratories.


However, today's patient sees his dentist as being solely responsible for the health and aesthetic appearance of the mouth and jaw. Included in this responsibility are referral to various specialists, ongoing surveillance and preventive care, solutions for odor problems, etc.


EVOLON makes it possible for you to give your patient the best possible prosthetic solution.


An additional advantage, which comes into play when choosing the type of mouth rehabilitation and a laboratory that works with the EVOLON system, is a shortened overall process.


This reduction comes about from the elimination of the need for advance preparation of the oral cavity and exceptions need to correct, relining and padding of prosthesis. Saving time constitutes an advantage, both for the customer and for the doctor, and it also translates into economic value - See comparison table.

The location of the laboratory closest to you that uses EVOLON products.


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