EVOLON has brought the field of dental prostheses to a new age of effective and profitable technology.



The EVOLON system includes the EVOX V8 Injection Machine, thermoplastic materials flexi N512,

acry F711 and ace Q59 , and complete set of accessories and supplementary materials.



The third generation, which was launched at the beginning of the year, was developed by EVOLON while receiving ongoing feedback from laboratories and dentists, with lessons learned derived from the cumulative information.


The system has already been marketed successfully and is considered a premium product.

The system bears European standards certification.



EVOLON system distributors enjoy the close support of EVOLON's local representatives and, if necessary, can always contact the company directly.


Marketing of the system is suitable for distributors with high service awareness and the ability to arrange

courses and presentations, who have business relationships with the leading laboratories in their area.



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