COSMETIC DENTURES - THE NEW GENERATION



Dental laboratories are the prime beneficiaries of the EVOLON system for producing prostheses.


Dental technicians are the main participants in the ongoing research conducted by EVOLON for the improvement of its produces. If patients are to enjoy the quality of the final product, then important considerations for dental technicians include the following



 Production process
Degree of profitability and return on investment



 Regular ongoing supply and meeting delivery schedules
 Level of service
 Quality of training
 Level of technical support
  Meeting warranty conditions
 Stability of company reputation


EVOLON and its local representatives are proud of their ability to meet the most stringent standards of the leading laboratories. For details, see about the Company.


The EVOLON system is considered a premium product in all markets it has penetrated.


A dental laboratory that uses the EVOLON system can produce more types of prostheses, and can price its products higher, owing to the higher quality of the product.


The significant savings during production allows an increase in production quantities without adding manpower, and the quality of the final product constitutes a drawing factor for the most exclusive leading dentists.


You are invited to read more about the System and the value of using it.


For more details, and to secure a place at a professional presentation in which you can try out the system with your own hands, please contact the dealer closest to you. Or contact the company directly.