Every purchase of the

      EVOX V8

comes with a free gift –
a basic kit of materials and accessories. The contents of the kit are sufficient for the fabrication of up to 30 partial dentures made of flexible material and 5 full dentures made of acrylic.

Improved techno polymer, used, like as a substitute alternative change  for acrylic resins and metals. ace Q59 is utilized to achieve remarkable aesthetic performance, with natural blending in the oral cavity. In combine with exclusive physical and functional features make ace Q59 the preferred material for high-quality dental rehabilitation.


General Advantages


• Excellent shock resistance
• Highly resistant to friction and abrasion
• Optimal rigidity
• High elastic memory
• Excellent tensile strength
• Highly resistant to harmful effects of water, saliva, and food
• Low heat conductivity


Indications for Use


• Fabrication of aesthetic removable frames
• Fabrication of aesthetic clasps connected to a frame

   made of either metal or ace Q59
• Fabrication of temporary bridges and crowns
• Fabrication of orthodontic appliances and structures


Advantages for Professionals


• Wide range of uses
• Ability to produce dental prostheses made

   from a combination of ace Q59 and other materials,

   such as conventional acrylics, metals,

   and other thermoplastic materials
• Cost-effective and timesaving
• Comes in various shades to match the gums, including

   and some of  the most popular VITA® shades


Advantages for the Patient


• Monomer-free, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic
• Thin, fine, lightweight, and metal-free prostheses
• Ability to easily and quickly adapt to dentures
• Blends naturally with oral cavity – perfect aesthetic results.